What is Zydeco Chop Chop? 
Zydeco Chop Chop is a combination of dehydrated vegetables and herbs, blended and ready to use in anything from traditional Cajun favorites to regular American fare.


What vegetables are in Zydeco Chop Chop? 

Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Garlic, Dehydrated Red and Green Bell Pepper, Dehydrated Celery, Dehydrated Green Onion, Dehydrated Parsley flakes.



Where can I get Zydeco Chop Chop?

If you live in South Louisiana you can find Zydeco Chop Chop at one of these 30+ locations: https://a.pgtb.me/9jDGVz. Zydeco Chop Chop is also available online at Cajun Crate and Supply  as well as Cajun Wholesale and Supply



What types of food can I use Zydeco Chop Chop in/on? 

EVERYTHING! Although we do recommend using Zydeco Chop Chop in all your favorite Cajun dishes such as gumbos, jambalayas, and etouffees. Zydeco Chop Chop is perfect on chicken, fish, beef, pork... and pretty much any other protein you can think of. We weren't kidding when we said everything. Veggies also benefit from a shake or two of ZCC! 


How do I use Zydeco Chop Chop? 

The beauty of ZCC is that it can be used as is (dry) or rehydrated. To rehydrate Zydeco Chop Chop add 1/2 cup water or olive oil to 1/4 cup of Zydeco Chop Chop or you can go authentic cajun and just eyeball it.