Times Picayune/NOLA.com Feature

We were delighted when Ann Maloney, a food writer for the Times-Picayune reached out to us and let us know she was an avid Zydeco Chop Chop user and was featuring ZCC in her latest article "4 new(ish) Cajun foods to try, including spice-infused ham, beef" for NOLA.com! As many ZCC fans will tell you Ann tasted Zydeco Chop Chop for the first time on the recommendation of a friend who "insisted I take her container of the product home with me." what she first thought of as " a plastic container of what is basically freeze-dried trinity." quickly became a staple in her kitchen! 

She writes "I’m a big from-scratch person, but skipping the whole chopping part of cooking most foundation Cajun dishes is appealing, especially on a weeknight. I’ve purchased frozen trinity, but this simply lives in the cabinet, so it’s available anytime." 

We couldn't agree more! Thank you, Ann for the feature and the ZCC love! To read the full article and to find out the other 3 Cajun Foods Ann featured visit, http://s.nola.com/m5RZSVG! 

Zydeco Chop Chop