Tailgate Food Hacks

The game is important but let's be honest the main event of any good tailgate is the FOOD! Tailgate food in an art form! In South Louisiana, our tailgates are marked by big black pots of bubbling jambalayas and gumbos, tables and tables of chips and dips, as well as a cooler (or really coolers) filled with ice cold drinks! Learn a few of our favorite tailgate food hacks below! 


• Provide a variety of chips and crackers and pieces of bread to eat dips with! Our favorite dips are our Muffuletta Dip, Corn Dip and Cajun Hummus

• Prepare and cook the main dish the night before! When you serve a main dish like Jambayla it not only feeds a crowd it also can be easily reheated. 


• Plan dishes that can sit out for longer periods of time out side, our  Muffuletta Dip is perfect for munching on all day long no matter the temperature. 

• Provide hand snacks in easy to hold, reusable containers! We served our Chop Chop Pop(corn) in adorable football cones! 


• As always cut down on the prep time by using Zydeco Chop Chop! Get it here!

Zydeco Chop Chop